p-iodo-Clonidine (hydrochloride)
p-iodo-Clonidine (hydrochloride)

p-iodo-Clonidine (hydrochloride)

Product Name: p-iodo-Clonidine (hydrochloride)
Synonyms: N-(2,6-dichloro-4-iodophenyl)-4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazol-2-amine, monohydrochlorideWeb Site click
Product Overview: A partial agonist of the α2-adrenergic receptor, minimally inhibiting adenylate cyclase through this Gi protein-coupled receptor although it binds avidly (Ki = 1.0 nM); potentiates platelet aggregation by ADP (EC50 = 1.5 µM) and inhibits epine
Shipping: wet ice
CAS NO: 1214-39-7 Product: 6-Benzylaminopurine
Stability: Store at -20 degrees; shelf life 730 days maximum after production
Molecular Formula: C9H8Cl2IN3 • HCl
SMILES: ClC1=CC(I)=CC(Cl)=C1NC2=NCCN2.ClMDM-2_p53 inhibitors
Molecular Weight: 392.5
Formulation: A crystalline solid
Purity: ≥98%PubMed ID:http://aac.asm.org/content/56/11/5715.abstract