Product Name: Volinanserin
Synonyms: αR-(2,3-dimethoxyphenyl)-1-[2-(4-fluorophenyl)ethyl]-4-piperidinemethanol MDL 100907Medchemexpress.com
Product Overview: A potent and selective antagonist of the serotonin receptor 5-HT2A (Ki = 0.36-0.85 nM); weakly binds 5-HT2C, α1-adrenergic, and sigma receptors (Ki = 88, 128, and 87 nM) and much less effectively associates with other serotonin, dopamine, adrenergic
Shipping: wet ice
CAS NO: 844882-93-5 Product: IFN alpha-IFNAR-IN-1
Stability: Store at -20 degrees; shelf life 730 days maximum after production
Molecular Formula: C22H28FNO3
SMILES: FC1=CC=C(CCN2CCC([[email protected]@H](O)C3=CC=CC(OC)=C3OC)CC2)C=C1ROS inhibitors
Molecular Weight: 373.5
Formulation: A crystalline solid
Purity: ≥95%PubMed ID:http://aac.asm.org/content/57/3/1496.abstract