7-hydroxycoumarinyl Arachidonate
7-hydroxycoumarinyl Arachidonate

7-hydroxycoumarinyl Arachidonate

Product Name: 7-hydroxycoumarinyl Arachidonate
Synonyms: 5Z,8Z,11Z,14Z-eicosatetraenoic acid, 2-oxo-2H-1-benzopyran-7-yl ester Umbelliferyl ArachidonateWeb Site click
Product Overview: A fluorogenic substrate for cPLA2; hydrolysis results in the release of the fluorescent compound 7-hydroxycoumarin (ex 335 nm, em 450 nm),7-hydroxycoumarinyl Arachidonate is the arachidonic acid ester of 7-hydroxycoumarin (umbelliferone) and behaves as a
Shipping: wet ice
CAS NO: 920509-32-6 Product: MGL-3196
Stability: Store at -20 degrees; shelf life 365 days maximum after production
Molecular Formula: C29H36O4
SMILES: CCCCC/C=CC/C=CC/C=CC/C=CCCCC(=O)Oc1ccc2ccc(=O)oc2c1Kinase_Inhibitor_Library inhibitors
Molecular Weight: 448.6
Formulation: A solution in ethanol
Purity: ≥98%PubMed ID:http://aac.asm.org/content/54/12/5387.abstract