4-MA-NBOMe (hydrochloride)
4-MA-NBOMe (hydrochloride)

4-MA-NBOMe (hydrochloride)

Product Name: 4-MA-NBOMe (hydrochloride)
Synonyms: N-(2-methoxybenzyl)-1-(p-tolyl)propan-2-amine, monohydrochloride 4-Methylamphetamine NBOMeMedchemexpress.com
Product Overview: An amphetamine whose physiological and toxicological properties are not known4-MA-NBOMe (hydrochloride) (Item No. 20867) is an analytical reference standard that is structurally categorized as an amphetamine. The physiological and toxicological properties
Shipping: dry ice
CAS NO: 1665-48-1 Product: Metaxalone
Stability: Store at -20 degrees; shelf life 730 days maximum after production
Molecular Formula: C18H23NO • HCl
SMILES: COC(C=CC=C1)=C1CNC(C)CC2=CC=C(C)C=C2.ClFatty Acid Synthase (FAS) inhibitors
Molecular Weight: 305.8
Formulation: A crystalline solid
Purity: ≥98%PubMed ID:http://aac.asm.org/content/48/9/3477.abstract