Δ12-Prostaglandin J2
Δ12-Prostaglandin J2

Δ12-Prostaglandin J2

Product Name: Δ12-Prostaglandin J2
Synonyms: 11-oxo-15S-hydroxy-prosta-5Z,9,12E-trien-1-oic acid Δ12-PGJ2Web Site:Medchemexpress
Product Overview: A decomposition product of PGD2 in aqueous media in the presence of albumin; exhibits antitumor and antiviral activity, inhibiting growth of cultured L1210 cells (IC50 = 0.7 µg/ml)Δ12-PGJ2 is a decomposition product of PGD2 in aqueous media in
Shipping: dry ice
CAS NO: 32854-75-4 Product: Lappaconitine
Stability: Store at -80 degrees; shelf life 365 days maximum after production
Molecular Formula: C20H30O4
SMILES: CCCCC[[email protected]](O)C/C=C([[email protected]@H](C/C=CCCCC(O)=O)C=C1)/C1=OAcids and Aldehydes inhibitors
Molecular Weight: 334.5
Formulation: A solution in methyl acetate
Purity: ≥95%PubMed ID:http://aac.asm.org/content/56/9/4765.abstract