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The face one particular of those days. Annie: Yeah, that would seriously hurt, huh Oh, wow, that’s awesome. Comments like `that’s so cool, that’s great,’ and `Oh, wow, that is amazing’ illustrated the affirmation. Annie’s affirming characteristic may be seen in other transcript passages in phrases which include `great,’ `awesome,’ `amazing,’ and `excellent.’ Annie’s interviewer qualities were also coded as energetic, defined as `showing wonder, astonishment, or confusion by some thing respondent mentioned that was unexpected, or exceptional.’ Annie: So you like dirt bikes. Do you might have 1 of the own Resp: Yeah, I’ve a, it really is a 1, it really is a twofifty. It is like a, it is a CRX 250, it’s like … Annie: Oh, wow! Is it a quite significant bike Wow, what do you prefer to do on it Resp: I just ride around in the fields and typically chase just after deer on it. Annie: Actually!Qual Res. Eledone peptide site Author manuscript; obtainable in PMC 205 August 8.Pezalla et al.PageAnnie: Um, is your sister older or youngerAuthor Manuscript Author Manuscript Author Manuscript Author ManuscriptResp: She’s younger, she’s ten. Annie: So you kinda appear out for her Resp: Yeah. She likes to feed the calves. Annie: Oooooh!! Cute tiny child calves. That’s neat. Wow! How special. That is seriously, seriously cool. Annie: What’s a dwarf bunny What’s that Resp: Yeah, they are like little bunnies they are about that massive. Annie: Like genuine bunnies Resp: Yeah, they are about that big Annie: Oh, dwarf bunnies. Oooh! The sheer number of exclamation marks in Annie’s transcripts illustrated her energetic interviewer characteristic, but the words she utilized (wow, definitely, oooooh) also illustrated the lively excellent of her interview strategy. Lastly, Annie was also characterized as becoming interpretive, conceptually defined as `expressing a private opinion or interpretation relating to something a respondent said.’ For example: Resp: And I chugged it and like, I passed out. Annie: Did you have to go to the hospital Resp: Oh no. We have been within the middle from the woods and we weren’t saying something ’cause we all would get busted. Annie: Oh my gosh, oh, you need to have felt terrible. Annie: Do you believe that he drinks beer, or does chew or smokes cigarettes Resp: He probably does, but Annie: Do you believe so Um, and so when he supplied this to you, have been you, were you uncomfortable Like, did you really feel sort of weird In all of the above passages, Annie’s interpretive nature is evident in situations exactly where she offers her personal construal of the respondent’s story (e.g. `you should have felt terrible’), or when she creates a hypothetical situation for the respondent to comment on (`do you feel he drinks beer’). Such utterances illustrate her tendency to give an opinion, either in response to a respondent’s story or before a conversation formally began. JonathanJonathan’s interviewer traits were characterized by neutrality and naivety. The neutral interviewer characteristic, defined as `not engaged on one particular side of argument or an additional; neither affirming nor disapproving of respondent’s stories,’ was ideal illustrated by the lack of substantial commentary Jonathan supplied in his interviews. InQual Res. Author manuscript; offered in PMC PubMed ID: 205 August eight.Pezalla et al.Pagecomparison to Annie’s transcripts, Jonathan’s transcripts were characterized by shorter utterances, fewer opinionated responses, and incredibly couple of exclamation marks: Jonathan: Who had been you living with in [name of town] Resp: My mom. But she, my grandma got custody of me, so. Jonathan: What, what happened t.