Pt their predictive worth. In ROC curves,only preendoscopic Rockall score had an acceptable functionality: AUC

Pt their predictive worth. In ROC curves,only preendoscopic Rockall score had an acceptable functionality: AUC . (CI:..). As for relapse,multivariable analysis showed that sufferers presenting with hematemesis vs. . ; p.) and hypoalbuminemia vs. . ; p.) had considerably bigger risk of rebleeding. Conclusion: Clinical presentation with hematemesis,a bigger rise in BUN levels and preendoscopic Rockall score showed the capability to predict the want of endoscopic therapy. The ideal predictors of UGB relapse were AIMS score,hypoalbuminemia (gdL) and altered mental status. Disclosure of Interest: None declaredP Flexible ENDOSCOPIC MYOTOMY IS Safe Successful FOR ZENKER’S DIVERTICULUM (ZD): Benefits FROM A TERTIARY REFERRAL CENTERANDC. Leberre,M. Le Rhun,N. Musquer,C. Trang,S. Bruley des Varannes,E. Coron Institut des Maladies de l’Appareil Digestif,University Hospital,Nantes,France Speak to E-mail Address: emmanuel.corongmail Introduction: Flexible endoscopic treatment for Zenker’s diverticulum (ZD) aims at performing a myotomy of the cricopharyngeal muscle around the septum in symptomatic sufferers. Since this technique continues to be not widely spread,information regarding its true efficacy in routine practice are nevertheless lacking. Our aim was to assess the feasibility,complication rates and also the efficacy of versatile endoscopic remedy in patients referred for symptomatic ZD. Aims Solutions: Medical records of all sufferers referred to our Department for versatile endoscopic therapy of ZD had been retrospectively reviewed. Procedures were performed using a flexible gastroscope (Fujifilm EG,Japan or Olympus Gif ,Japan). After performing a diagnostic endoscopy,a soft overtube (ZDO,Cook,Ireland) was inserted more than the scope to stabilize the gastroscope over the septum. Below endoscopic surveillance,a myotomy of the cricopharyngeal muscle was performed using a Zimmon needle connected to a surgical generator. Immediately after performing the myotomy,clips have been placed on the distal edge on the myotomy to stop leakage into the mediastinum. Individuals were discharged around the following day with oral antibiotics and alimentary recommendations. Patients clinical characteristics,occurrence of complications as well as evolution of digestive symptoms have been analysed. Outcomes: In between and ,individuals (MF; mean age years,variety years) underwent versatile endoscopic therapy of ZD in the University Hospital of Nantes,France. Mean size of ZD was mm (range mm). A single case of mediastinitis occurred,which was effectively treated with radiological drainage. No other complication was noted. Prevalence of dysphagia,regurgitation and chronic cough dropped from , and of sufferers to , and ,respectively. Odynophagia andor dysphonia were initially present in of sufferers and entirely disappeared ( immediately after endoscopic therapy. In individuals,symptoms recurrence ( to months) led to additional remedy,either by endoscopic session(s) (n) or surgical ZD resection (n). Conclusion: Versatile endoscopic myotomy was comparatively safe and efficient for Zenker’s diverticulum in this single centre study. Supplied multicenter studies confirm these benefits,flexible PubMed ID: endoscopic myotomy could be utilized as a firstline therapy in symptomatic sufferers in Fatostatin A centers performing interventional endoscopy. Disclosure of Interest: None declaredP Safety AND EFFICACY OF GLYCOPYRROLATE AS A PREMEDICATION FOR ENDOSCOPIC SUBMUCOSAL DISSECTION: A PRELIMINARY REPORT (A RANDOMIZED,DOUBLEBLIND,PLACEBOCONTROLLED STUDY) E. J. Kim,S. Y. Kim,J. H. Kim,J. W. Chung,Y.