Product Name: ML-335
Synonyms: 1-[[4-(acetylamino)phenyl]methyl]-4-(2-phenylethyl)-4-piperidinecarboxylic acid, ethyl ester CID-23723457 Medchemexpress
Product Overview: The first identified agonist for OPRM1-OPRD1 heterodimerization (EC50 = 403 nM) that demonstrates selectivity over the individual OPRM1 and OPRD1 receptors and the serotonin HT5A receptor (EC50s = 14.9, 1.1, and >40 μM, respectively)The μ-opioid
Shipping: wet ice
CAS NO: 298708-79-9 Product: Bay 41-4109 (racemate)
Stability: Store at -20 degrees; shelf life 730 days maximum after production
Molecular Formula: C25H32N2O3
SMILES: CC(NC(C=C1)=CC=C1CN2CCC(C(OCC)=O)(CCC3=CC=CC=C3)CC2)=OTrk Receptor inhibitors
Molecular Weight: 408.5
Formulation: A crystalline solid
Purity: ≥98%PubMed ID: