Product Name: FLLL32
Synonyms: (2E,2E)-1,1-cyclohexylidenebis[3-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)]-2-propen-1-one JAK2 Inhibitor XMedchemexpress.com
Product Overview: ,An inhibitor of JAK2-mediated phosphorylation of STAT3 on Tyr705 in cancer cells (IC50 ~ 5 µM); blocks signaling from IFN-α or IL-6 through JAK2/STAT3 and induces apoptosis in several types of cancer cellsFLLL32 is a cell-permeable analog of
Shipping: dry ice
CAS NO: 347323-96-0 Product: ITX3
Stability: Store at -20 degrees; shelf life 730 days maximum after production
Molecular Formula: C28H32O6
SMILES: O=C(/C=C/C1=CC(OC)=C(OC)C=C1)C2CCCC(C(/C=C/C3=CC(OC)=C(OC)C=C3)=O)C2Adiponectin Receptor inhibitors
Molecular Weight: 464.6
Formulation: A crystalline solid
Purity: ≥98%PubMed ID:http://aac.asm.org/content/48/6/2288.abstract